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Instructions for using Tech Plan Creator©

About Tech Plan Creator©

Kellogg & Sovereign® Consulting, LLC developed the Tech Plan Creator© to assist our client school districts in meeting state and federal technology planning requirements.

The online Tech Plan Creator© allows districts to create, edit, and file an online technology plan. Once completed, your plan can be printed in Acrobat Reader portable document format (.pdf) and downloaded so you can print your plan and/or post it to your district web site.

Special thanks to:
Keith Hackett, Hackware, Inc. who provided programming services, Al Steckelburg, PhD, University of Nebraska, who developed and continues to support the Nebraska State Dept. of Education's Technology Plan Reporting System, and Eric Hileman, co-director of Instructional Technology, Oklahoma State Department of Education, who provided comments and suggestions for the project.

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Time Schedule - Due Dates
What Your Plan Should Include

Your technology plan has three important dates. They are:

  1. Creation date. Date that your technology plan is first created or written. It must be before the date that your E-Rate Form 470 is filed (usually in the fall of the year prior to the funding year) as the Form 470 must be based on the information contained in the technology plan. Some applicants choose to also finalize their plan at this time so they can have board approval of the plan prior to filing the Form 470.
  2. Submission date. Date your plan is finalized and ready to submit for approval.
  3. Approval date. Date that your technology plan is approved by a USAC-certified Technology Plan Approver. The approval date must be before the start of service (July 1) of the funding year.

Once you have created your plan online, you will be able to keep it updated annually using the Tech Plan Creator©. In essence you will have a "rolling three year plan."

Plans submitted for approval must meet the following requirements:

E-Rate Requirements (Version1 Plans must meet all E-Rate requirements)

The plan must:

  • establish clear goals and a realistic strategy for using telecommunications and information technology to improve education or library services;
  • have a professional development strategy to ensure that staff know how to use these new technologies to improve education or library services;
  • include an assessment of the telecommunication services, hardware, software, and other services that will be needed to improve education or library services;
  • provide a sufficient budget to acquire and support the non-discounted elements of the plan: the hardware, software, professional development and other services that will be needed to implement the strategy; and
  • include an evaluation process that enables the school or library to monitor progress toward the specified goals and make mid-course corrections in response to new developments and opportunities and they arise.
NCLB Requirements

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act as reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires specific elements in technology plans as detailed in Section 2414.

NCLB identifies 13 criteria that must be addressed while E-Rate has 5 criteria. There is overlap as well as differences in the degree of specificity needed.